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Here's How Easy TrustFax is to use

Receive faxes with ease

1. Somebody sends a fax to your personal, toll free number. 2. We convert the fax into PDF format and send it to your email address. 3. You get an email notification. You can then access the fax two ways -as an attachment using Adobe Acrobat or read it online by following the link in the email.


Send faxes with ease

Just as there's two ways to read your faxes, there's two ways to send them using TrustFax.


1. Send faxes using email


Simply open a new email and attach the document you want to fax.

Send the message to:

We’ll convert it and send it to your contact's fax machine. That’s it.

2. Send faxes from the Internet

You can also send faxes through our user friendly web interface. Just log into your TrustFax account online then upload and send the document you want to fax. Whilst here you can easily manage all fax traffic, add multiple recipients, manage billing and so much more.