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Trustfax for the Financial Sector

The TrustFax Difference
No set up fee, No special software or hardware necessary
  • Shortens the time to close deals by eliminating paperwork
    life cycles
  • Improves the efficiency of Bank/Customer relations
  • Increases worker mobility
  • Removes confidentiality breaches by eliminating publicly
    viewable fax machines
  • Vastly cuts down on paper and ink costs
  • More convenient than traditional fax machines
  • Free Secure Storage for archiving of important faxes


Key Features

  • Easy Set Up - No downloading, No software, No hardware, No plug-ins, No configuration
  • We get you up and running in seconds with your own toll free or local fax number
  • Incoming and outgoing faxes are all managed within your secured TrustFax Mailbox
  • Faxes can also be sent from your email application for ease of use
  • Send, receive, and access documents from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection
  • Our simple online interface lets you manage your faxes easier than ever before
  • Control panel ability lets your see all your fax activity (incoming and outgoing) and much more
  • Faxes arrive in clear, professional PDF format - never garbled or faint