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TrustFax Digitized Signatures

Add your handwritten signature to faxes without leaving your PC

  • No need to print to sign to fax
  • No need to leave your computer
  • No need to re-fax with your signature

Why waste time printing, signing and feeding the fax machine whenever you need to sign a faxed document? TrustFax' new Digitized Signatures lets you quickly stamp your personal, handwritten signature to any outgoing fax you send.

  • Personalize awareness campaigns, client correspondence, newsletters, mass mailings, sales material and more.
  • Delegate official correspondence to authorized colleagues when you are out of the office
  • Save time adding your personal signature for purchase orders, tax returns, applications, receipts, approvals etc.
  • Never have to manually print, sign and re-fax again - sign your name from the comfort of your PC

Once you've added your signature to TrustFax Digital Image Library you can use it over again whenever you need to sign a document.

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