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TrustFax Testimonials

“Where would we be without TrustFax? TrustFax has been a tremendous time saver and keeps things organized. Best of all, it is so easy to use.”

Barb Schultz,
Administrative Assistant


“Most importantly, (TrustFax) is a secure site. The security we provide, as medical transcribers, is one of the more important parts of our customer relations.

Faxing and Emailing documents right from our desktops has helped manage our documents in a more organized manner - and it saves time. We are notified automatically by email when new documents come into the system throughout each day.”

Heather Morrison,
Workflow Manager


“In the hectic and demanding world of real estate, I have found that I rely on the (TrustFax) program to be an integral part of my business. It has helped keep me stay on the cutting edge of technology. It has allowed me to increase my productivity with the ability to conduct business from anywhere in the world, with the same ease of being in my office. With the ability to send, receive and track faxes and e-mails from any computer, (TrustFax) has saved me hours of time.

Thank you for a great program “

Mike Kener,
Associate Real Estate Broker


“TrustFax is easy to use and very reliable and has become an important part of our daily operations. Certain features allow us to do things we couldn’t do before like emailing a fax or securely saving a copy of the fax on our computers.”

Corbin Sly,
Mortgage Broker


“I am in the Mortgage Industry and have been using (TrustFax) for the last 3 years. I give my endorsement because of the service and immediate response that has been given to me.

TrustFax has been a great management tool for us and has proven to be a way to conserve paper. The tools available on TrustFax have allowed us to streamline document storage. The accessibility to forms faxed to us is paramount. As long as I have web access, I have my forms The other great tool is the receipt that you receive that your sent e-mail or fax has made it's destination or that there is a document in the in box waiting for you This alone has proven worthy of the monthly investment.”

Roy C. Howa,
Branch Manager


“TrustFax has proven to be a flexible and economical way for my small business to fax. At first we were skeptical about trying an electronic medium for our faxing service, but (TrustFax) has met or exceeded our expectations in every way. It saves us money over installing and maintaining a separate fax line and machine. It also allows us to send and receive documents directly to our computer, reducing the need for paper files and saving money on expendables for the fax.

Since using your service, we are proud to say that our old fax machine remains in the closet.”

Mark C. Hammond,
Administrative Officer